1.4. How does the audit / data verification process work?

Farmers must be able to present the following:

  • All invoices for purchased inputs and purchased operations (i.e. those carried out by third-party contractors);
  • Data on the farm area cultivated and crops in the rotation, in line with official declarations;
  • The declaration of stocks of pesticides purchased but not used and stored, in accordance with legislation on the use of pesticides, for the season in question;
  • Data from any farm management software used to record operational and input use data for the farm;
  • Where applicable, operational and input use data reported to organic certification bodies;
  • Official accounting details for the farm;
  • All audit costs are covered by Soil Capital; you will not be charged anything.

1.2. What are the requirements for farmers during the programme?

During the programme, all farmers must:

  • Carry out a baseline analysis and develop a management plan for the next 5 years;
  • Carry out an annual assessment of the farm’s GHG balance using mySoilCapital;
  • Implement the changes in practices defined in the management plan as best as possible;
  • Keep a complete record of inputs (invoices), operations and yields;
  • Cooperate with auditors if you are selected amongst the small sample of all participating farmers for an annual audit (including to check records such as pesticide inventories and official farm area and crop rotation declarations).

1.1. What is the duration of the commitment for a farmer joining the programme?

The programme is non-binding. The entire programme lasts 16 years (1 year for the baseline analysis, 5 years for the crediting period and 10 years for the retention period). The contract you sign covers the entire period. If you leave before the end of the crediting period (which you can do at any time, without reason and at no extra cost), you forfeit the carbon certificates that are held in the buffer.