2.5. My farm area includes peat soils, am I eligible?

Soil Capital Carbon has been designed for farms with mineral soils – specifically, mineral soils with an organic matter below 10%. If your farm area includes peat soils or those with an organic matter higher than 10%, you can still enrol. However, we will exclude those fields from the farm area enrolled in the programme. We advise that the remaining area should be at least 100ha to ensure the programme benefits you financially.

2.4. I have been direct drilling for more than 15 years, am I eligible?

Yes. However, the scientific conclusions of the IPCC (on which the carbon quantification model we use is based) consider that certain practices, i.e. minimum tillage, no-till, organic fertilisation and cover cropping, stop accumulating carbon in soils after 20 years, under the following conditions:

  • Systematic use (i.e. every year)
  • On more than 50% of the total area of your farm.
  • If your farm meets these conditions, our programme is not optimal for you, as some of your practices will not continue to generate carbon certificates.

2.3. I do not direct drill, am I eligible?

Yes. Direct drilling, or no-till, is not a hard requirement to store carbon. There are other factors (such as organic fertilisation, cover cropping, minimum tillage, etc.) that improve the carbon balance in the soil in the model that we use.

2.2. I rent out some of my fields, am I eligible?

If you rent out a small part of your land each year, you can continue to register that land if you commit to providing the required operational data each year so that we can calculate the impact of your tenant’s practices.

2.1. The area I farm changes slightly each year, am I eligible?

Yes. From a programme perspective, the area you farm cannot increase during the programme period. So, if you know that your area under cultivation changes slightly each year, you must enter the area that will remain under your control for the duration of the programme.