5.1. What is a carbon certificate and how does it differ from a credit?

One carbon certificate amounts to one tonne of CO2, or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases, emissions reduced or stored in the soil. Each year, based on the results of your mySoilCapital analysis, we certify the GHG emission reductions and/or carbon storage in your soils according to the international standard ISO 14064.

Soil Capital Carbon allows a farmer to sell ISO carbon certificates and not carbon credits. Unlike carbon credits, the certificates we issue are not rights to pollute and therefore do not allow a polluting company to offset its emissions and declare itself CO2 neutral. They are mainly used by food companies purchasing raw materials who want to reduce the emissions linked to their supply chain. Other companies, not linked to the agri-food sector, use our certificates to contribute to the decarbonisation of their region, without being able to use them in their carbon accounting.