6.3. Is soil analysis required?

Yes. We need one recent analysis of soil organic matter upon enrolment (done within the 5 years prior to your enrolment in the programme) in order to verify the information you give us about soil conditions and one new analysis at the end of the programme (year 5) in order for the scientific community that constantly works on the quantification model that we use (the Cool Farm Tool) to further improve it.

6.2. How do you make life easier for farmers by leveraging data that already exists?

  • You are invited to use existing files needed for the BPS so that our platform automatically identifies your farm boundaries and crops in your rotation.
  • We also use your farm’s location to automatically identify certain soil characteristics using third-party maps.
  • We are working on various integrations with Farm Management Softwares, but in the meantime if the data we require is already in a Farm Management Software that you use, this will greatly accelerate the process.

6.1. What data do you need for the baseline analysis with mySoilCapital?

  • A representative technical itinerary per crop for the most recent completed harvest from the last two years.
  • The following information is required: type of operation and equipment used, inputs (types and quantities) applied and other management practices like the use of cover crops.
  • If this information is already in a farm management software, it will facilitate data entry.