7.6. In my rotation I have potatoes, sugar beet and chicory, can I still store carbon?

Yes. These crops are often perceived as requiring more intensive tillage, although some people manage to get good yields with minimum tillage. In any case, tillage is not the only lever to store carbon. Having crops that typically require more intensive tillage in your rotation does not block your participation in the programme, nor your ability to generate carbon certificates.

7.3. Are hedgerows accounted for in my GHG balance?

Hedgerows, orchards, woodland and forests are not counted for two reasons:

  • Our calculation methodology does not currently allow us to quantify the sequestration benefit of hedgerows
  • We must avoid double payments (since there are often subsidies for the installation of hedges, for example).

On the other hand, we do account for in-field trees planted using agroforestry techniques.

7.2. I have grass margins and/or permanent grassland on my farm. Are these parts of the farm counted in my GHG balance?

No. Permanent grasslands are excluded from the areas considered for the carbon calculation in the arable methodology because the areas linked to livestock farming must be part of a specific carbon calculation for livestock farming. Livestock farming has its own carbon methodology and we intend to integrate it into the programme in the future. However, temporary grasslands are considered in the current arable methodology (as crops) and are a source of carbon sequestration. Permanent grass margins are considered as permanent grassland.