2.5. My farm area includes peat soils, am I eligible?

Soil Capital Carbon has been designed for farms with mineral soils – specifically, mineral soils with an organic matter below 10%. If your farm area includes peat soils or those with an organic matter higher than 10%, you can still enrol. However, we will exclude those fields from the farm area enrolled in the programme. We advise that the remaining area should be at least 100ha to ensure the programme benefits you financially.

8.1. What is Soil Capital’s business model?

  • The £980 mySoilCapital fee is used to cover the farm analysis costs (including development of the mySoilCapital tool, data collection and encoding, verification and delivery of the analysis).
  • We and any partner that has provided you with transition support, also receive a commission on the sale of certificates to cover the costs of sales, maintaining the programme and audit costs. This fixed percentage – Soil Capital’s is in the single digits – allows us to align our interest with that of the farmer but we are insistent that the farmer always takes the clear majority (70%) of the final sales price.

7.6. In my rotation I have potatoes, sugar beet and chicory, can I still store carbon?

Yes. These crops are often perceived as requiring more intensive tillage, although some people manage to get good yields with minimum tillage. In any case, tillage is not the only lever to store carbon. Having crops that typically require more intensive tillage in your rotation does not block your participation in the programme, nor your ability to generate carbon certificates.