Discover the first certified carbon payment programme for farmers.

How can you improve your carbon footprint?

Replace synthetic inputs with organic inputs

Minimise soil disturbance

Maximise ground cover with living plants

Diversify your rotation

Integrate agroforestry

How does enrolment work?


Simulate your carbon earnings


Register your farm


Perform your baseline assessement


Improve your carbon footprint or maintain your current storage

How does enrolment work?

Simulate your carbon earnings with Simone – our free simulator!

In 10 minutes, answer a few questions about your soil and climatic context as well as your farming practices and Simone will tell you:

  • If your farm emits or stores carbon overall (t/ha)
  • How much your farm can earn per year
  • The impact of practice changes on your results

What are your payment plan options?

Basic Plan

  • Earn 70% of Standard Plan carbon payments ¹
  • Carbon price increases with the market
  • Payment each year
  • No commitment
  • Option to upgrade to the Standard Plan

¹ If you earn less than £1,000 in a year, we retain the first £300, you keep the rest

Limited Offer

Cost: £0 / year

Standard Plan

  • Earn 100% of carbon payments
  • Minimum £23 /tonne CO2e ²
  • Carbon price increases with the market
  • Payment each year
  • No commitment
  • Access to Soil Capital agronomists throughout the year

² Price received after audit, certification and sales fees

Cost : £980 / year

ex VAT

And then?

Year 0

Baseline Assessment

Based on your farming practices, discover if you emit or sequester carbon overall.
Improve your practices according to your Management Plan
Maintain or improve your practices
according to your Management Plan

Crediting Period

One mySoilCapital assessement per year to analyse emission reductions and carbon storage in your soils.


= 1T of CO2e

80% of your certificates are sold and 20% of your certificates are held back for 10 years in the buffer.

Each Year

You earn a minimum of
£23 per certificate.

We certify your emission reductions and carbon storage.

Against the results of your own baseline assessement.
Against a standard baseline for your region.

Retention Period

    Option to enrol in a new crediting period (Years 1-5)

    YEARS 11 TO 15

    Release from the buffer

        Verification that you have maintained your practices by satellite monitoring. Each year, certificates are released from the buffer 10 years after their generation, if you meet the criteria for preventing losses.